Small Operator Permit

If you currently own a valid Wisconsin CFPM License and are looking to proceed with a Small Operator Permit there are certain requirements you need to meet. These include; your license cannot be expired and you must employ five (5) or fewer total food handlers which includes yourself. A food handler means – any individual engaged in the preparation or processing of food. Examples include:

     • a chef

     • a waitress that prepares a salad

     • a server that scoops ice cream

     • a bartender that cooks a frozen pizza or drops breaded mushrooms, etc. into a fryer

*Contact your county health department or local municipality for a county ordinance, which can be stricter than these minimum code requirements. Several counties in Wisconsin require a person in charge (PIC) with a CFM License on site every hour of food preparation. Click link for your local health department information

Classes are non-refundable. You will have 60 days from the date of cancellation to reschedule, it is your responsibility to reschedule within 60 days.